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Our Volunteers

The work of the Butabika-East London Link is largely undertaken by a team of committed volunteers. The partnership relies on their hard work and determination and we hope that on return from Uganda the volunteers remain involved on an on-going basis.

Volunteers at the Butabika Link act in complimentary roles that improve the patient experience directly or indirectly, or in roles that support the Butabika Hospital and its staff. 

Volunteering involves working unpaid in a variety of roles that are complimentary to the patient experience and trust. These roles are not substantive or integral to the delivery of the work or day to day running of the hospital. 

Volunteering in a hospital setting can be suitable for many people, including medical or health and social care students, prospective students, those who want to give something back the Link.

Positive outcomes for our volunteers can include improved confidence, the learning of new skills, meeting new people, gaining experience in a hospital setting, leadership development, positive use of time, personal references on completion of placements.

Volunteering abroad not only has benefits to the host country but also to the UK and in particular the NHS.

For more details about any of the volunteer roles please get in touch with: Edmund Koboah, Coordinator of the Butabika-East London Link. You can email:

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