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The Ugandan Diaspora

woman smiling, sitting at a desk

The Butabika-East London Link is lucky enough to partner with an incredibly active Ugandan diaspora group who champion the development of health services for Ugandans in the UK and in Uganda.

In 2011, Butabika Link Committee members, Moses Mulimira and Mariam Aligawesa, co-founded the Ugandan Diaspora Health Foundation (UDHF). The UDHF partners with a number of organisations to ensure cultural sensitivity towards mental illness and works to promote Ugandan leadership in programmes improving Ugandan health in the UK and Uganda.

Since its foundation the organisation has gone from strength to strength and they held the first annual UK-Uganda Health Summit in London in April 2016.

The UDHF continues to consult and lead on Butabika Link projects and Co-Founder Mariam Aligawesa is Vice Chair of the Butabika East London Link, helping to ensure that the Ugandan voice is represented throughout our work.

For more information on the UDHF, contact Moses Mulimira at or Mariam Aligawesa at