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Commonwealth Fellowship Scheme

three nurses looking at the camera standing in a hospital ward

Commonwealth Professional Fellowships

The Commonwealth Professional Fellowships Scheme supports mid-career professionals from developing Commonwealth countries to spend periods (typically three months) with a UK host organisation working in their field for a programme of professional development.

This can include time for attendance at short courses or conferences, as well as visits to other organisations. The scheme has been an important driver to the development of the Butabika Link programme and specifically to the anti-violence and peer support projects.

Since the Butabika-East London Link’s inception in 2005 the East London NHS Trust and Butabika Hospital have supported 21 professional placements in the UK, offering training across a broad spectrum of clinical specialisms.

The Department for International Development fund the professional programmes and further information can be found on their website

Previous Awards

(Year, Name, Discipline, Speciality, length of placement)

Dr Irene Apio - Psychiatrist - Forensic services - 3 months

Dr Juliet Nakku - Senior Consultant and Deputy Director of Butabika Hospital - Quality Improvement and Electroencephalography - 3 months

Mr Mohammed Mutalage - Nurse - Management of aggression and violence - 3 months

Mr Joseph Atukunda - Service User Leader - 3 months

Dr Godfrey Zari Rukundo - Psychiatrist - CAMHS - 6 months

Mr Luke Owumotalagwe - Psychiatric Clinical Officer - Community - 3 months

Mr Richard Mpango - Psychologist/Occupational Therapist - Community - 6 months

Mr Gad Twikirize - Pharmacist - Pharmacy - 3 months

Ms F Alezuyo - Psychiatric Clinic Officer - Community - 3 months

Mr David Kyaligonza - Assistant Commissioner - Nurse leadership and systems - 3 months

Dr Joyce Nalugya - Psychiatrist - Child and Adolescent (CAMHS) Psychiatry - 6 months

Ms Ceclia Dricuru - Nurse - (CAMHS) 3 months

Dr Birabwa Oketcho - Psychiatrist - General Psychiatry 5 months

Ms Deborah Kibikyo - Nurse - Inpatient services - 3 months

Ms Maurra Magdalen - Nurse - Inpatient services - 3 months

Agnes Kyaligonza - Nurse - Forensic services 3 months

Dr Julius Muron - Psychiatrist - Forensic services 6 months

Ms Allen Nakibuuka - Nurse -Psychotrauma - 6 month placement

Alice Kabakwenuzi - Nurse - Drug and Alcohol 3 months placement

Jennipher Birike - Nurse - Child and Adolescent - 3 month placement

Florence Aliru - Nurse - Community 3 months