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Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health

Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health
Cherry Tree Way, Glen Road,
E13 8SP


020 7540 6789 / 020 7540 6799

24 hours a day, 364 days of the year.
Visiting hours are Monday-Friday: 5pm-8.30pm, Weekends: 12.30am-8.30pm


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The Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health is an in-patient service for young people with complex and severe mental health difficulties. We look after those aged between 12 and 18 years old. Young people have been involved in the design of the service which is a bright, colorful, young person friendly environment. 

We know that admission to hospital can be a challenging time for the young person and their carers and family and therefore we work hard to ensure that our service provides the highest quality of age-appropriate therapeutic care. 

The unit has 12 acute beds and 16 psychiatric intensive care beds. We also have 6 day service places to support young people in the day enabling them to return home in the evening. 

Information for visitors, including COVID-19 hygiene precautions

Referrals are made via community CAMHS teams.  

Our service provides care for young people who present with severe or complex mental health difficulties. Some young people may already be known to community CAMHS but may require an inpatient admission to provide more intensive assessment and treatment. 

We provide a holistic approach to assessment and treatment. We have an extensive multidisciplinary team including doctors, nurses, OTs, psychologists, family therapists, art and drama therapists, social workers, a fitness instructor, a dietician and education.  Each young person will receive a comprehensive assessment, leading to a bespoke individual care and treatment plan. We work closely with other agencies such as community CAMHS, Social Care, Education, Youth Offending Teams, General Hospitals and adult services.  

We work with a recovery model whereby we involve young people and their carers and families from the outset in the care they receive. The length of admission can vary depending on the young person’s needs. Adolescence is a time of considerable developments in a young person’s life and we aim to reintegrate them back to their families and schools as soon as possible. 


We offer a broad range of interventions including:

  • Highly specialised Psychiatric assessments and treatment
  • Specialised psychology assessments and individual therapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mentalisation, Occupational Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Art and Drama Therapy
  • A rich therapeutic group programme comprising  of sessions on psychoeducation, healthy lifestyle, social skills, creative activities, sports and leisure activities
  • Systemic and Family Therapy and parenting support
  • On-site education managed by Newham Education and providing an extensive range of subjects to suit a variety of abilities. Our teaching staff liaise closely with each young person’s own school or college with the aim of successfully reintegrating the young person back into education in the community by the time of discharge
  • Effective liaison, discharge and aftercare planning in collaboration with the community teams starting from the point of admission

There are 3 Consultant Psychiatrists in the service. Each young person is allocated a Consultant Psychiatrist who will meet with the young person and family on admission and will lead on reviewing their care during admission.

There are Consultant Clinics twice weekly where young people have the opportunity to speak with their consultant and discuss their care plans. 



Bipolar Disorder
Eating Disorders
Severe symptoms of mental illness

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Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

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