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Unit For Social and Community Psychiatry

The Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry is part of Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London.

The Unit carries out an extensive research programme, in addition to providing undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. In 2012, it was designated as a World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Services Development.

The Unit is led by Professor Stefan Priebe, with over 30 members of staff including clinical lecturers, researchers, PhD students and research clinicians.

Our research work is focused on concepts, methods and practice of social and community psychiatry, with a particular emphasis on social interactions in mental health care. This includes evaluating care in naturalistic and experimental studies, developing and testing innovative treatment methods, exploring historical and epidemiological aspects and carrying out studies on communication and therapeutic relationships.

The Unit has a significant track record of implementing complex interventions in the context of the National Health System and in Europe, including research on doctor- patient communication, day hospitals, and financial incentives for medication, patient reported outcomes and arts therapies.

Research projects are funded by a number of external funding bodies including the European Commission, Medical Research Council, the Wellcome Trust, the National Institute of Health Research and the Department of Health.