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Essential Training

Essential Training

Training to update staff on NEWS2

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Work has now been carried out to enable NEWS 2 on the RIO Platform.

The National Early Warning Score ( NEWS2 )is a systematic method to measure simple physiological parameters in patients aged 16 years and above, which will detect signs of critical deterioration early and help in the assessment of the severity of acute illness.   Vital signs are given a score to help staff recognise clinical deterioration and get expert medical help.

Key to successful patient outcome are:

  • Early Detection
  • Timely Response
  • Competent help


Managers are asked to ensure their staff have undertaken the below FOUR elements of training and to direct staff members to complete the electronic Essential COVID-19 Training Record here: 

 > Download the Essential COVID-19 Training Record < 

NB: Staff who have not completed all the training should still complete the electronic record so that we can monitor uptake and target training accordingly.

Managers/local trainers are encouraged to invite any Multi-disciplinary team members to complete the training elements they require and complete the online training record (e.g. Domestics, Occupational Therapists and Pharmacists will not require NEWS2)

The Trust is committed to keeping staff and patients safe as possible.

Our sincere thanks to you and your teams for all that you are doing at this unprecedented time.

To help maximise safety and allay anxiety clinical/nursing staff require an essential understanding of:

  • COVID-19, the signs and symptoms and infection control;
  • Early detection of patient deterioration (National Early Warning System (NEWS2);
  • PPE , including donning/doffing;
  • FFP3 mask FIT testing/checking. 

A blended approach to training has been adopted to allow for maximum flexibility in accessing the training.

Staff can access the different parts of the training separately and Nurses in in-patient areas are being trained to support local delivery:

  • Covid-19, the signs and symptoms and infection control – 30 minute powerpoint presentation that can be read independently or delivered by local trainers. The powerpoint slides will be available on the intranet and Webex sessions will be advertised;
  • National Early Warning System (NEWS2) –  30 minute e-learning via the NEWS2 website. Staff can download a certificate of completion to evidence to managers they have completed it on The NEWS2 Training Programme website
  • PPE, including donning/doffing – local training and video link on Covid-19 powerpoint;
  • FFP3 mask FIT testing/checking -  local trainers

Many staff have already completed the PPE and FFP3 elements – Managers will need to check with their staff what they have already undertaken.

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