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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

We are based at Trust Head Quarters in Aldgate East and Calnwood Court in Luton. The Department is led by Prof. Frank Röhricht, Director of Research, Innovation and Medical Education and Neetu Klair, Medical Education Manager.

photo of the Medical Education team members standing

Prof. Frank Röhricht

Director of Research, Innovation and Medication Education

In spring 2018, ELFT appointed Prof Frank Röhricht to the new role of Medical Director for Research, Innovation and Medical Education to support the research culture and the interface between medical education and research.

Prof. Frank Rohricht

Prof Frank Rohricht has implemented a 5-year plan to:

  • explore and develop the synergism between research, innovation & education for the benefit of service users
  • link effectively QI and Research
  • reinforce the notion of academic psychiatry and ‘psychosomatics’ in education & services
  • promote collaboration, co-production & inclusion (across all dimensions, groups, stakeholders)
  • Improve the experience of all people accessing care (focussing on positive therapeutic relationships)
  • Develop innovative experiential learning tools (multi-professional learning utilising Service User lived experiences)
  • Increase number of students and fill postgraduate posts (tackling stigma and enhance psychiatry’s image)
  • Improve the training experience
  • Faculty development “All teach – all learn” moto

Frank has been involved with projects developing suicide and violence prevention; Service User and Carers led research and involvement in learning environment; mental health transformation; the TRIALOG App; medically unexplained symptoms; “We need to talk about…”  sessions; linking Theatre with MH production and PsychART; simulation training at ELFT. He has created strong academic partnerships with the Centre for Psychiatry at QMUL (with SOTA and Bart’s Academic Afternoons), UCL and KCL in London, and Universities in Utrecht and Istanbul developing a new MA programme there. ELFT delivers undergraduate and post-graduate medical education with over 400 staff, and 400 - 500 Medical students delivering core and speciality psychiatry training, GP specialty and foundation training programmes. There is a new Research Lead and Champions to support all learning. He is linked with all research taking place within ELFT and links with NOCLOR, NIHR, COO, SUGAR, CRIS, Global health projects and JI Nursing.

Dr Aneeba Anwar

Associate Director of Medical Education

Aneeba has been College Tutor for Bedfordshire GP/FY psychiatry trainees since Sept 2017. She is a postgraduate Clinical and Educational supervisor.

Dr Aneeba Anwar

She is also a designated medical practitioner for nurses on non-medical prescriber course and supported international medical graduates as part of CAPE - Clinical Attachment Programme for the East of England. She works as an Older Adults Consultant Psychiatrist at Bedford Memory Assessment service and inpatient unit at Fountains Court.

As college Tutor she is also involved with local induction of trainees in psychiatry placement, postgraduate teaching programme at Wrest Park and on call supervision of trainees. She liaises with respective GP and Foundation School Faculties in Bedfordshire to ensure smooth running of the training programme and provide appropriate advice/guidance to trainees and supervisors.

Mrs Neetu Klair

Medical Education Manager

Neetu has strategic responsibility for the development of the Medical Education department, and leads the Medical Education administration team. She is responsible for leading and managing all medical education provisions in the Trust and ensures all medical staff work together in a co-operative and integrated way.

Mrs Neetu Klair

Dr Helen Bruce

Associate Dean for Medical Students

Dr Rahul Bhattacharya

MRCPsych Course Lead

Dr Rahul is the MRCPsych course lead for North East London covering ELFT and NELFT. He is passionate about medical education and patient involvement and aspires the MRCPsych course to be of the highest quality, supported by an excellent faculty and responsive to feedback from trainees.


His involvement with MRCPsych goes back 20 years where he initially prepared for it as a core trainee, then he joined the MRCPsych Standard Setting Panel as a trainee representative and thereafter carried on.

Dr Rahul sits in the psychiatry Curriculum Revision Working Group and the Examination Sub-Committee for the Royal College.

He has been an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer contract with Barts and London School of Medicine since 2010. He has worked as a consultant psychiatrist for more than 10 years and has offered clinical supervision to ST4-6.

In his role, he is always mindful of the MRCPsych examination, what trainees want out of the course and what patients want out of us as psychiatrists and how best we can prepare for these!

Dr Hugh Grant-Peterkin

Undergraduate Lead for City and Hackney

Dr Hugh Grant-Peterkin is based at the Homerton hospital, he is a Consultant liaison psychiatrist specialising in older adult psychiatry. He is also a senior tutor and sits on the professional complaints committee at Barts & The London Medical School.

Dr Hugh Grant-Peterkin

Dr Hugh has a longstanding interest in medical education and is part way through a MA in Medical Education which focuses on the role the arts have to play in medical student wellbeing. He also has interests in asylum seeker/refugee mental health and sustainable healthcare. 

Together the ELFT Med Ed team & fellow psychiatrists aim to ensure that students in Hackney have an enriching clinical placement which leaves them not only competent in the core skills required of a doctor, but also enthused about psychiatry as a speciality. Dr Hugh's undergraduate placement was when he chose psychiatry, and hopes the same is true for some of our students #choosepsychiatry. 

Dr Dewi Pritchard

SAS Tutor

Dr Warren Dunn

Undergraduate Lead for John Howard Centre

Dr Kaz Iwata

Undergraduate Lead for Newham

Kaz is a consultant general adult psychiatrist for the Newham South Community Recovery Team with both community and inpatient responsibilities. He is the site lead for undergraduates at Newham and oversees the psychiatry placements in Newham.

Dr Kaz Iwata

Dr Charlotte Wattebot-O'Brien

Undergraduate Lead for Tower Hamlets

Charlotte is responsible for co-ordinating undergraduate psychiatry placements in Tower Hamlets and is available to offer support and information to consultants and students.

Dr Charlotte Wattebot-O'Brien

She is committed to encouraging wider involvement with undergraduate teaching as it is crucial to destigmatising psychiatry and psychiatric patients, improving communication within the medical profession and future recruitment to the specialty.

If you would like to be involved or have ideas or suggestions about enhancing Tower Hamlets placements, she would love to hear from you.

Dr Laura Checkley & Dr Pritchard

Less Than Full Time and Supported Return to Training Champion and Training Programme Director Core Psychiatry Trainees - NCEL

As the SRTT champion for ELFT trainees in London, I work alongside Educational Supervisors and Training Programme Directors to oversee the return to work process for trainees who have had time out of training.

Laura Checkley

In my role as LTFT champion I support trainees in the trust around flexible working.  This includes providing support to individual trainees, as well as addressing concerns via our trust LTFT forum. Both roles have given me the opportunity to start to create real culture change regarding flexibility for doctors in the NHS.

Having personal experience both of taking periods of time out of training and working part time, I know the value of making sure trainees feel well supported, and have a place to raise concerns and ask questions.

Dr Maria Filippidou

Undergraduate Lead for Luton and Bedfordshire

Maria is a consultant in liaison psychiatry and the undergraduate tutor for Luton & Bedford.

She works closely with the University of Cambridge medical school in order to organise psychiatric placements for Year 5 medical students as well as clinical tutorials for Year 6. She aims to give medical students an experience of psychiatry that they will value and use independent of their future specialty choice and also give psychiatry the chance it deserves amongst their preferences.

Dr Nicole Eady & Dr Brown

Training Programme Director for Higher Training in Learning Disability Psychiatry and Guardian of Safe Working

Dr Muffazal Rawala

Core Training Programme Director - Luton and Bedfordshire

Dr Muggazal Rawala is a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist at the Luton and Dunstable hospital and has an interest in medical education and quality improvement. He is the College tutor for psychiatry, GP and Foundation trainees in Luton.

Dr Muffaza Rawala

Dr Muffazal Rawala is the one who with his counterpart in Bedford is responsible for the junior doctors induction, ensuring their time in Psychiatry is a rewarding one and they are able to meet their identified competencies. 

Personally, Dr Rawala likes coffee and being organized and pedantic, he dislikes slackness in all aspects and is the person to email if you have any problems during your time in Psychiatry. All the best for a rewarding personal and professional journey in Psychiatry, all the best ones do!

Dr Olivia Protti

Postgraduate Med Ed Lead for City and Hackney
Dr Olivia Protti

Dr Marc Lyall

Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Associate Clinical Director in the Forensic Service

Marc has a long standing interest in medical education, having been the College Tutor at the John Howard Centre for almost 10 years.

Mark Lyall

He is a Clinical Supervisor for Core and Higher trainees in forensic psychiatry and an Educational Supervisor for core trainees on the North East London Core Training Scheme rotation. Since 21017, he has been an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry and regularly teaches undergraduate and postgraduates student and trainees.

Dr Iyas Assalman

Postgraduate Med Ed Lead for Newham

Iyas is a Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist and the Postgraduate Lead for trainees in Newham.

Iyas Assalman

He is responsible for overseeing the core trainees training programing to ensure high quality training is being delivered as well as arranging and delivering the local induration and the academic teaching programme.

He has an interest in medical education and he is an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London. He is a CASC examiner and a member of the RCPsych CASC committee.

Dr James Lee-Davey

Postgraduate Med Ed Lead for Tower Hamlets

James is a Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist and College Tutor for Tower Hamlets. He is also an Educational Supervisor.

He is involved in overseeing the local academic programme and trainee induction in Tower Hamlets, fostering high-quality training and learning opportunities, and working with Training Programme Directors to monitor the progress of trainees through the Core Training scheme.

Dr Sheraz Ahmad

Training Programme Director General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry - Bart's and London

Dr Sheraz Ahmed is the Training Programme Director for Higher Training General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry for North East London covering ELFT and NELFT. He has been involved in TPD work with higher training since 2013 and is really passionate about preparing psychiatrists for becoming consultants.

Dr sheraz Ahmed

Dr Ahmad has to ensure that the posts, educational supervision, assessment and training within the scheme is continually improving and innovating whilst maintaining the core expectations of training. This means liaising with the education faculty in both Trusts, the medical managers, medical education managers, directors of medical education, Royal College and Health Education England. 

He has been a college tutor, MRCPsych course director, Problem Based Learning Lead and was Chair of the Royal College’s Critical Appraisal Exam Panel for several years.

Dr David Middleton

General Adult Psychiatry Training Programme Director (East of England) and Supported Return to Training Champion for Bedfordshire and Luton

Dr David Middleton General Adult Psychiatry Training Programme Director (East of England) and is responsible for these training programmes in each of the Trusts in the region.


He organises the Specialty Trainee Regional Training Days and chairs ARCP panels. 

He is also the Supported Return to Training Champion for Bedfordshire and Luton. His clinical work is based in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.

Dr Ian Hall

Foundation Year Tutor

Dr Ian Hall is Foundation Tutor at East London NHS Foundation Trust. Clinically he works as a Consultant Psychiatrist for people with intellectual disability in Hackney.

Ian Hall

Dr Ian Hall has led on a series of service developments in the Trust’s learning disability services. 

Ian is also Chief Examiner at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Previous roles at the College include Associate Dean for Conferences and Advanced Learning, Chair of the MRCPsych CASC Panel, Chair of the Faculty of Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability, and Chair of the Parliamentary Liaison Committee. 

For Health Education England, he has been Chair of the London Speciality Training Committee in Intellectual Disability Psychiatry, and Training Program Director for the North London Scheme. 

His Research interests include evaluation of teaching methods and of clinical interventions including Positive Behavioural Support and Intensive Support Teams. 

Dr Sonia Sangha

Postgraduate Lead for Luton

Dr Sonia Sangha is jointly responsible with her counterpart in Bedford for the junior doctors’ induction to ensure trainees are prepared and excited about their new post and that they will be able to meet the necessary competencies.

Dr Sonia Sanga

Sonia welcomes trainees to contact her if you have any problems during your psychiatry placements so that we can put things right and make any potential changes that may be indicated.

Sonia initially started her journey with ELFT in March 2019 when she was appointed as the Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist for Luton and Bedfordshire which involved developing this new service.


Sonia is passionate about teaching and training and has always pursued any opportunity possible during her training and since being a consultant to immerse herself into this. It is something that she enjoys and it gives her great satisfaction to be able to help junior doctors to learn and grow.

Mr Marius Johnston

Deputy Medical Education Manager

Marius ensures a supportive learning environment for medical students, doctors in postgraduate training, Specialty Doctors and Consultants. He ensures we maintain effective and efficient systems and processes, ensuring the Trust complies with the Educational Governance & Corporate Governance frameworks for both the Trust and the external bodies.

Marius Johnston

Ms Jo Saunders

Medical Education Coordinator

Jo provides advice and support to medical staff and students in the area of postgraduate and undergraduate medical education specific to the Luton and Bedfordshire areas. She is also responsible for organising academic programmes, teaching and courses.

Ms Jo Saunders

Ms Sharmin Khonij

Medical Education Coordinator

Sharmin provides advice and support to medical staff and students in the area of postgraduate and undergraduate medical education specific to the City and Hackney areas.

She is also responsible for organising academic programmes, teaching and courses. Sharmin has lead admin responsibility for the monthly Barts academic afternoons, AC/s12 courses and higher training teaching programmes for the ID and General adult and Old age schemes.

Ms Christal Hallal

Christal is the medical education administrator, supporting doctors with their study leave submissions and provides support to the medical education administrative team.

Ms Doris Holloway

Executive Assistant

Doris is the executive assistant to the Director of Research, Innovation and Medical Education, the Medical Education Manager and the Research Manager.