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Less Than Full Time (LTFT)

Less Than Full Time (LTFT)

Information about Less Than Full Time

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The Champion of Flexible Training (or less than full time training) role was included as part of the ACAS agreement around the 2016 doctors in training contract.

The role has now been made mandatory and every less than full time (LTFT) trainee doctor and dentist should have access to a champion of flexible training. The ultimate intention behind the introduction of the role was to create a shift in culture within the NHS, to give trainees more flexibility, and to offer them support as they carry out their training and other commitments they may have. The recent NHS Long Term plan has a strong commitment to promote flexible NHS working.

Increasing numbers of junior doctors are choosing to train less than full time, for a variety of reasons.  More than 1 in 10 doctors in training in England now work LTFT.  ELFT is committed to helping our trainees who can’t or don’t want to train on a full-time basis to develop their careers while maintaining a work/life balance.  We want to recruit and retain junior doctors in the trust who wish to work LTFT.   Reasons for choosing to work LTFT can include: child-caring or other caring responsibilities health concerns or  individual developmental opportunities My role includes promoting and improving support for LTFT trainees. 

As the Champion of Flexible Working, I try to identify and contact all LTFT trainees in the trust regularly throughout the year. I am always happy to be contacted with individual concerns regarding common LTFT issues such as working days, pay, rota and on-call planning and work schedules. I encourage trainees to share their experiences of working LTFT and improve the visibility of LTFT working within the trust. I work with the Junior Doctor’s Forum and senior managers to ensure there is a consistent approach to LTFT training across the trust, and to tackle any issues that are arising. I am able to signpost trainees and their supervisors to relevant departments, colleagues and information. I support training and development for supervisors and trainees regarding LTFT issues.

Having worked LTFT myself for many years, I have first hand experience of many of these issues, and of the anxiety that this can cause for trainees, and as a consultant I continue to work part time.

If you are a current LTFT trainee, or are considering LTFT training then please do not hesitate to contact me.


Dr Laura Checkley

Champion of Flexible Working