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Support Return to Training (SuppoRTT)

Support Return to Training (SuppoRTT)

Information about Supported Return to Training

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Out of the 50,000 doctors in England currently in postgraduate medical training, roughly 10% are taking time out of training at any one time. A doctor might take time out for a variety of personal or professional reasons, to gain additional experience or qualifications, or a career break.  The 2016 Acas junior doctors’ contract agreement committed Health Education England (HEE) to develop innovative, evidence-based initiatives to “remove as far as possible the disadvantage of those who take time out SuppoRTT was developed to provide targeted assistance to help doctors get back “up to speed” when they return to training.  There is HEE funding of up to £3000 per trainee.  All applications need to be discussed and agreed with the trainee’s educational supervisor prior to being submitted. SuppoRTT can offer: 

  • A period of enhanced supervision
  • Refresher courses and simulation training
  • Mentoring or professional coaching
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Funding for other courses or development, as individually required

It is common for trainees to feel that they have knowledge gaps, skills fade or loss of confidence following a period of time out of training.

The Supported Return to Training (SuppoRTT) scheme is a nationally driven initiative which aims to support all trainees to return to training safely and confidently after a sustained period of absence.  It applies to trainees who have been out of training (or planning to) for a period of 3 months or more i.e. parental leave, sick leave/phased return and those trainees on OOP (out of Programme). 

If the above applies to you and you, please contact ELFT's SRTT Champion Dr Laura Checkley for London or Dr David Middleton for East of England Trainees.

The SuppoRTT Guidance has been designed to be flexible, taking into account the differing nature and length of absence, as well as the speciality and experience of the trainee, to ensure that the individual can safely and confidently return and practice within their training programme. 

You may have had a life event and feel a bit out at sea, feeling a bit lost about your future or just wanting to reflect on where you are now and where you want to be. Access to coaching via the PSU to help with this HERE

This video gives you a good introduction

The SRTT office website provides some more useful information 

1. If you know you are planning to take leave, arrange to meet your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director to discuss 8 weeks prior of your planned leave and complete the SuppoRTT pre absence form

2. Spend your leave as you wish

3. As you start to think about returning to work, arrange to meet with your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director. Ideally, this would be 8 weeks prior to return to work, or as soon as you can. If you are on planned leave you do have to give prior notice for your return.

4. Meet regularly with your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director after your return to check in with how you are settling back in.  Ensure that you have a meeting set up with your Clincial Supervisor and the SRTT Champion.

5. Once you are settled into work and your Supervisor feels you are ready to return to standard training and service provision then you should meet with your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director and complete the final form (same as the return to work planning form).  

Each form you complete needs to be uploaded to your e-portfolio. 

Any questions should initially go to your Educational Supervisor or Training Programme Director, but if you or they need further help please do contact:

Dr Checkley (London) and Dr Middleton (East of England)

SRTT Champion

See our Trainee-Trainer Guide for more information