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Community Workshops

Community workshops

Newham Talking therapies, for depression and anxiety

What are the community workshops?

We care about the community we serve at Newham Talking Therapies, and our one-off community workshops and recorded webinars are a great way to learn more about wellbeing and how to look after it! They are easy to access, you can join our live workshops via your mobile, laptop, tablet, or PC or watch the webinar recordings at anytime and anywhere you feel comfortable. We also run some face-to-face workshops in different locations within Newham.

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Who can attend?

  • Anyone with a GP, home, or work address in Newham who is not already getting support from Newham Talking Therapies
  • Staff of local businesses and organisations

Come along if you want to get an idea of what you might experience if you decide to refer, or as a refresher after finishing your therapy! Our workshops and webinar recordings are run by practitioners from different professional and cultural backgrounds and cover lots of topics, from improving sleep to managing long-term conditions.

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How do I sign up?



Step 1. View our workshop calendar by clicking here and scrolling.

Step 2. Fill in our registration form. Our team will then be in contact to let you know the details of your workshop or send you the recorded version if you have requested this.


Other ways to register



You can email us at or call us on 0208 175 1770. A member of the team will be in contact to register you.

People who attended our workshops said:

''It was useful to learn about how sleep works and techniques to help me sleep better.''

''I learned a lot especially how to keep yourself healthy.''

''The advice is very good for me I give 5 star.''

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