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Clinical Risk Assessment & Management Emergencies

  • Self harm/suicide
  • Risk to others
  • Psychiatric Emergencies
  • Classroom cases vignettes SH /suicide prevention

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Common Mental Health Problems

  • non-pharmacological treatment of anxiety/depression in PC somatoform disorder and MUS
  • substance misuse

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Severe & Enduring Mental Disorders

  • Early Detection and Intervention & Personality Disorders
  • Principles of SMI-LTC management for Psychosis (embedded with prescribing teaching tools)

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Psychiatric Prescribing for Moderate /Severe MI

  • Powerpoint plus audio podcast/overview, practical guidelines and good practice of psychotropic prescribing: antidepressant, antipsychotics, mood stabilisers, tranquilisiers

Therapeutic Engagement & Social Psychiatry

Videos featuring service users: 

  • Introducing the meaning of recovery/What does recovery mean to me/What helps me to recover
  • Do's and don'ts in good MH care
  • Combating stigma
  • Perinatal MH prescribing

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Training Material for Practice & District Nurses

  • Clinical Risk/Emergencies
  • SMI/Prescribing
  • Recovery care/stigma/social inclusion

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