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About Us

ELFT clinicians in cooperation with external stakeholders / education providers (e.g. Community Education Provider Network / CEPN in City & Hackney) will deliver the programme, particularly drawing upon teaching expertise from academic partners. 

ELFT has well established strategic partnerships with local Care Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities and NHS England, piloting new ways of jointly providing mental health and social care for patients with more severe and enduring mental disorders.

The Trust has a strong track record in research, teaching and innovation and the Trust Board has approved a long term strategy and business case, setting a mission of providing the highest quality mental health and community care in England by 2020. The broad nature of this strategy aligns with existing national programmes (QIPP) as well as work being undertaken in the wider healthcare economy (e.g. improving population health and value for money). The Trust has university status, is a member organisation of UCL Partners, and has productive partnerships with the academic institutions (mainly the University of London, City University and South Bank University).

The Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry was established in 1997 and has an internationally renowned research group is supported by ELFT and Queen Mary, University of London. In 2012, it became a designated Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organisation (one of only 18 mental health related WHO Collaborating Centers in Europe and the only one specifically for Mental Health Services Development in the world).