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Epilepsy Nursing Service

The Epilepsy Nursing Service works in partnership with children and young people with epilepsy and their families to provide support that enables them to live a full and enjoyable life. NICE 2012 guidelines state that: “epilepsy specialist nurses should be an integral part of the network of care of individuals with epilepsy. Their key roles are to support both epilepsy specialists and generalists, ensure access to community and multi-agency services, and provide information, training and support to the individual, families and carers.”

Hours of Operation and Service Provision

The ENS (Epilepsy Nursing Service) operates Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 17:00 with no bank holiday cover. An answerphone service is available at all times; messages are checked daily during working hours. Professionals are able to contact the Epilepsy Nurse Specialist via mobile phone during working hours.The ENS provides community based clinical assessment and monitoring of children and young people living or attending school within the borough of Newham, aged 0-16 years with a diagnosis of Epilepsy. The service is mainly provided at patients own homes but also within a range of other settings including out patient clinics, schools, children’s centres and via telephone and email reviews.

Referral Criteria and Sources

Essential criteria:

1.The child or young person must have a diagnosis of epilepsy.

However, when a hospital medical practitioner has a strong suspicion of epilepsy, a referral for the specialist nurse to collate history or description of attacks will be accepted, but referral must come directly from the medical practitioner.

2. Children and young people must be aged 0-16 years.

However, in some circumstances young people who are current or previous recipients of the epilepsy nursing service may remain so during their period of transition to adult services until they are 17 years old, but new referrals for a young person over the age of 16 will not be accepted.

3. The child or young person must be resident or attend school within the London Borough of Newham.

Children and young people that live outside of the London Borough of Newham but attend a school within the Borough are not seen in their own homes, they are invited for contacts at a Newham Health Centre location or their school.

Referral route

The service has an open referral policy. New referrals to the service will be considered by the nurse specialists as they are received against the above criteria and prioritised according to clinical information provided by the referrer as immediate (i.e. requiring telephone assessment within 24 hours) or routine (i.e. requiring an assessment within 6 weeks).

Prioritisation will be given to the children and families meeting the following criteria:

  • Child Protection – URGENT

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