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Newham Talking Therapies

Who we are

At the Newham Talking Therapies, our philosophy is to help people get the psychological services they need quickly and easily, without having to jump through any unnecessary hoops, so we have a very simple set of rules for who we can help. We offer a range of therapies, which can be provided in a variety of ways depending on what you and your therapist agree on. It might be that you choose to use workbooks, computer programmes, or to attend groups or one-to-one sessions. You may be supported by phone or have face-to-face sessions. This is very individual and something you decide together with your therapist.

The easiest way to arrange an appointment is to self refer via our on line self referral form on our website|. Or you can call us on 0208 475 8080 or alternatively visit your GP.




Clinical speciality:

Adult Mental Health Service