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Occupational Therapy

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Occupational Therapy Service for Children will now be offering a reduced service with no face to face appointments. If you have future appointments booked, you will have already received a telephone call from the service offering you the opportunity to speak with a therapist on the telephone. We are unable to currently visit homes to review any postural equipment, if you have any concerns about your child's static seating system, please contact us and ask to speak with an Occupational Therapist who can offer some advice over the telephone. Once we have received information from the Government and WHO that our services can resume, we will be in touch to offer a face to face appointment if you still require one. Thank you for your patience.

Who we are

We are a team of experienced Community Paediatric Occupational Therapists who support the children of Newham. We work closely with children, their families and other professionals like teachers.

We aim to empower children and families to be able to engage more purposefully in everyday tasks at home, school and their local community.

An Introduction to Occupational Therapy Service for Children

"Occupational Therapy (OT) can help babies, infants, children and young people grow, learn, have fun, socialise and play so they can develop, thrive and reach their full potential" - Royal College of Occupational Therapy

What we do?

Occupational Therapists see a range of children, including those with developmental delay, physical disabilities and children who have difficulties completing everyday tasks. We offer support to help children be as independent as possible in all areas of their lives.

We will work together with the child, their parents/carers, and their school to meet family-centred goals (goals which are set by the child, where possible, and their parents).

We can help with:

  • Development of Play
  • Activities of Daily Living: Dressing, School Activities, Personal Care Skills
  • Coordination and Fine Motor Skills
  • Upper Limb Splinting for chronic conditions
  • Postural Management (Static Seating for Home/School)

Following an assessment to identify needs, appropriate support is given which could be either advice, therapy sessions, group sessions, guidance to schools or working together with other relevant services to meet the child's needs.

Who do we see?

To be accepted to the Children’s Occupational Therapy Service, children need to be aged between 0 and 16 years, have a GP in Newham and have difficulties completing their everyday tasks which parents/carers and school are unable to resolve without specialist OT input.

Before you refer to our team, it is recommended that you look at the some of the pages in the Resources section (see information above). These have been completed to provide advice around some of the common difficulties that the service sees, and you may find your solution here. 

We have an open referral system meaning anyone can refer, including young people and parents. If parents would like help completing a referral form, they can either discuss it with ourselves, see the child’s health visitor/school nurse, SENCo or GP. However, before referring please see our advice sheets in the resource section; these contain many useful bits of information and advice about common difficulties children experience in their everyday tasks.

Please return the completed referral form and any relevant reports to:

Intake Team
West Ham Lane Health Centre
84 West Ham Lane
E15 4PT

Referrals can be emailed to

Child Development Service and Therapies Referral Form

You can phone us on: 0208 586 6480

Or you can e-mail us at:

We are based at West Ham Lane Health Centre, but clinics are also held at Appleby Health Centre and Joyce Campbell Clinic.

Children may also be seen in their school or at home when required.

84 West Ham Lane, London E15 4PT

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Meet the team?

A Message from The Newham Occupational Therapy Service for Children Team

"Occupational Therapy Team"

Sometimes we have students who come on placement with us; the child and their parents will be asked permission if they can join the session.

I want some equipment or adaptations at home
Some people need to have some equipment or adaptations (like a ramp) fitted in their home to help them complete their everyday activities. For this service you need to get in touch with the Social Services Occupational Therapy Team.

Their address is:
Newham Dockside
1000 Dockside Road
E16 2QU
They can be contacted by telephone on: 020 8430 2000 (Please Select Option 2)
You can visit their website

You can request an assessment using their online form
Or you can e-mail them at:

Compliments or Complaints
If you would like to provide feedback in relation to your experience with our service, or an individual Occupational Therapist, you can do so by completing this short survey

If you would like to complain about the service, you can contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS):


Phone: 0800 0131 223

SCYPS Website Information Page 

Twitter Link



  • HemiHelp: A website which provides information and strategies for children who have "hemiplegia", weakness of one side.
  • SCOPE: A charity for those with any disability and their families.
  • National Autistic Society: A charity specifically for those with autism and their families.
  • Dyspraxia foundation: A charity specifically for those with developmental coordintation disorder (DCD, aka dyspraxia) and their families.
  • ERIC: The children's bladder and bowel charity. The website includes lots of help and support for both day and night wetting.
  • British Dietetics Association, food facts sheets: There are many different food fact sheets, covering issues such as food and autism and food and behaviour.
  • Royal College of Occupational Therapists: The professional body for occupational therapists.
  • Council for disabled children: An umbrella body for the disabled children's sector bringing together professionals, practitioners and policy-makers.

Newham specific:

  • Covid19 Parent Information Leaflet
  • Local offer: Provides information about all services available for children with special educational needs in Newham.
  • Triple P: Free parenting programmes, workshops and classes designed to meet the needs of residents in Newham, including a specific workshop (stepping stones) for parents of children with additional needs.
  • Enabled Living Healthcare: The service that provides community equipment and wheelchairs for those in Newham.