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Feedback from service users at ELFT's Bedfordshire & Luton Perinatal Service


“Sayma and Lyndsay McAlpine, from the Perinatal Mental Health Team, were such a great support network who supported me prior and after the birth of my son. Sayma was such a lovely person, she was so easy to talk to and very supportive. Lyndsay listened and respected my decision to remain unmedicated and I achieved my goal with both of their support.Thank you both very much for all your support.” - 18 September 2022

“The Nursery nurse really helped me to understand my baby more and this gave me loads more confidence. This in turn helped my anxiety to reduce slightly.” - 26 September 2022

“I accessed the perinatal mental health team following the birth of my third child. I had postnatal depression and anxiety follow the birth of my first child. However the support given to me on this occasion with this perinatal team has been notably better, responsive and outstanding. The team supported me through this difficult time and helped me to better understand the things I was feeling. I felt heard, understood, affirmed and really listened to. I cannot thank the team enough for their outstanding support and care. Especially lovely we’re Sarah, Tanushka and Lauren. The whole team is ace!” - 28 September 2022

“It was vital for my mental health, after having my baby, to have this service. I was quite unwell with my first baby and so having the support already in place with my second was so important. The team were really understanding and supportive throughout. The nursery nurse Debbie was particularly helpful in giving me advice when it came to my babys care. It made me feel more bonded with my baby and like I understood what my baby wanted. I'm so glad this service is available and I would certainly recommend it.” - 28 September 2022

It was really nice to have at least one familiar face each week, I think that helped with having the confidence to join in and talk about things.

I liked how casual it was.

I liked that if I didn’t want to talk or join in with discussions then I didn’t have to and there was no pressure to either. 

Everyone was really lovely, and given the circumstances leading to going to the walks….made me feel normal!

I made some new friends who are going through very similar things to me.

I’m so glad I went and I would absolutely recommend to others.