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Deancross Personality Disorder Service

Who we are

The Deancross Personality Disorder Service offers a service for people with histories of emotional, interpersonal and behavioural difficulties. The approach we use is Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT). 

It was established in 2008 as a service specifically intended to support adults living in Tower Hamlets who experience serious emotional difficulties which have a significant impact on their day to day lives. The service can be useful for people who frequently experience intense and difficult emotions, perhaps with sudden and extreme swings in mood states and feelings. People who use the service may also struggle with frequent feelings of emptiness and difficulties identifying a sense of self. All of these emotional problems may then lead to difficulties in forming and maintaining relationships, which may keep breaking down. In day to day life, lack of confidence and low self-esteem may be a problem, and impulsiveness can also be a common difficulty. People may use self-harm, alcohol or drug misuse or food as a way to manage these difficult emotions, and it can become difficult to break out of using this pattern of behaviours. One term that is used to describe this whole pattern of difficulties is “personality disorder” and our service is the Tower Hamlets Personality Disorder Service. 


Referrals to Deancross are via a single point of entry, which are the Community Mental Health Teams in Tower Hamlets. GPs should make referrals to the CMHTs in the first instance.

Please see the Guidelines for Referrers document on this website. Overall:

  • The patient should be resident in Tower Hamlets and over 18 years of age
  • The patient is willing to consider a psychological approach to help with their difficulties
  • The patient is willing to consider working in group treatment.
  • We are happy to discuss potential referrals with professionals by telephone and this is often the best way to commence a referral. We endeavour to respond to calls within 24 hours.
  • We do not accept self-referrals.

Please see the links on this website to the Rethink Factsheet on BPD and the Royal College of Psychiatry overview of Personality Disorder.

If you think that you may have difficulties that relate to Personality Disorder, and you are resident in Tower Hamlets, please make an appointment to discuss with your GP in the first instance. They would be able to consider your difficulties and make the best onward referral for you which may be to the local Community Mental Health Team, or other services to support you.

If Deancross accept a referral from the CMHT, then we would write to you within two weeks to ask you to call and book an appointment with us.

Deancross offers a Psychiatric and Psychological service to Tower Hamlets. We can offer assessment and diagnosis, and direct treatment as suitable to people with Personality Disorder diagnosis. We also offer outreach through other teams through dedicated Link Workers who offer referral liaison, and training & consultation to support teams in developing more effective ways to help people with Personality Disorder diagnosis.

To find out more, please see the Deancross Aims & Objectives document.


BPD Factsheet from Rethink:

Royal College of Psychiatry information

If you are immediately concerned for your safety due to mental health difficulties, RAID is the best team to contact, as below.


Testimonials from people who have had assessment and treatment at Deancross said:

“It was really helpful to be in a group setting and explore and relate to other patients without feeling judged.”


[I gained a] “proper treatment plan, which didn’t make me feel sick, damaged or bad”.


 “The things I found most helpful was the accessibility, the work, the therapy, the therapists.”


“I really appreciate all the help I'm receiving. Thank you all very much!”


“Generally, my experience here has been very positive and helpful.”

“Thank you, Deancross has really helped me in many ways. Keep doing what you are doing.”

“I am very happy with the service, with the therapy, with the help I have and will have.”



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