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Referrals to CAMHS can be made by yourself, your GP, your social worker or a teacher on your behalf. Young people under 16 may need the consent of an adult they trust. We will speak to you about this when you make the referral.

Professionals can make a referral to CAMHS by completing the "Professionals" on the preceding page. Professionals include the following: GPs, social workers, teachers or other health professionals.

By contacting your GP or other professional to make the referral, they will be able to collect all the details required on your behalf to make sure that the CAMHS team can deal with your referral as quickly as possible.

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Making a Referral

CAMHS accepts referrals for children and young people up to their 18th birthday.

Find your local CAMHS service on the Where We Work page. If you cannot find the service below, please click here to search.

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East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) provides specialist CAMHS services in five boroughs; Tower Hamlets, Newham, Bedfordshire, Luton and City & Hackney (in partnership with Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.)

  • All referrals are discussed with the young person, their family, and/or the referrer in order for the specialist clinical triage team to gather all relevant information. This helps us to make a decision about the right support for your needs. 
  • Once a decision has been made you will receive confirmation from the team. This might include support from CAMHS or a referral to other local services who are better suited to meet your needs. We will write to you and to your GP about these arrangements.

Get help in an emergency

If It’s not an emergency, you can dial 111 if you need help fast.

We also have urgent crisis care support available across all our areas

Do not use our online referrals form for urgent help.

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