You can download referrals forms and referral details for a range of services here. Information about where to send the referral form to is indicated on the respective form. In some cases you can refer directly using the telephone number listed below.

Adult Community Health - Newham

Community Care of Older People
Cazaubon Unit Referral Form
Day Hospital referral form
Falls Prevention Referral Form
Marie Curie Nursing Service Referral Form
NHS Continuing Healthcare Fast Track Tool
NHS Continuing Healthcare Needs Checklist 
Adult Community Referral Form 
Falls and Chronic Conditions Service 

Community Care & Nursing Adult
Continence Advisory and Women's Health Physiotherapy Service
Communities/ECPT Therapies form or call 0208 709 5555 
Tissue Viability Referral Form - Newham - Please see also Wound Dressing Formulary
Continence Pelvic Rehab Referral Form 

Special Services - Adult
Primary Care Health Advocate Referral Form - Newham
Diabetes Services Referral Form 

Therapies - Adult
Cardiac Rehab Referral Form
Community Neuro Service Referral Form
Adult Speech & Language Therapy Referral Form
Foot Health Referral Form
Patient Appliances - Community Health Newham - Referral Form

Musculoskeletal Pathway Information
MSK Outpatients GP Referral Form
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Form
MSK Outpatients Patient Self-referral Form

Sexual Health - Adult
Contraceptive Nurse Referral Form - Vulnerable People
Dexa Scan Referral Form
HIV Specialist Nursing Referral Form

Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities Referral Form

Adult Mental Health

Contact the CMHT in the respective boroughs Adult Mental Health Services

City & Hackney
City & Hackney Adult Mental Health Referrals and Assessment Service (CHAMHRAS) Referral Form for Secondary Care

City & Hackney Adult Mental Health Referrals and Assessment Service guidance form 


Mental Health Assessment & Crisis Hub Referral Form

Tower Hamlets
Tower Hamlets Autism Service 
Discovery Project Referral Form (Community Psychotherapy)
Housing Link Team Referral Form
Institute of Psychotrauma Referral Guidelines and Form - pdf
Institute of Psychotrauma Referral Guidelines and Form - MS Word
Perinatal Service Referral Form
Personality Disorder Referral Form
Tower Hamlets Early Intervention Referral Form (THEIS)

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Tower Hamlets CAMHS referral form
Newham CAMHS referral form 
City and Hackney CAMHS referral form
Luton CAMHS referral form
Bedfordshire CAMHS referral form  

Children and Young People Community Health - Newham

Nursing - Child & Adolescent
Family Nurse Partnership Notification Form
Health Visiting - Health Assessment Referral Form 

Special Services - Child & Adolescent
Newham Community Children's Nursing Team Referral Form
Download here Details on Wound Dressing Clinic, run by Children's Community Nursing Team Newham
Diana Team Referral Form
Epilepsy Referral Form
Sickle Cell Referral Form - Adults and Children
Sickle Cell Referral Form - Antinatal

Child Development Service and Therapies
Child Development Service and Therapies Referral Form

Older People's Mental Health

Community Dementia Team Single Point of Entry - Newham: 020 8821 0900
Community Dementia Team Single Point of Entry - Tower Hamlets: 020 8121 5650
Older People Single Point of Entry - City and Hackney: 020 3222 8500

Specialist Services

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME
Referral Criteria for Chronic Fatigue Clinic
Referral Form

Referrals to Non-Trust Services for Domestic Violence, Abuse and Safeguarding of Vulnerable People and Children

Contacts - Children Referrals to Social Care (Barnet, City, Hackney, Newham, Richmond, Tower Hamlets)
MARAC Referral Form Safeguarding Children - Newham

City and Hackney - Safeguarding Adults Referral Form
Newham One Stop Shop Referral Form - See also Newham One Stop Shop Checklist Call One-Stop Shop Number 0845 451 2547
Tower Hamlets - Safeguarding Adults Referral Form

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