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Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service provides workshops and groups for a variety of different topics. Your therapist will discuss the options available to you at your first appointment.

Due to Covid-19, all groups are currently being run online. Some of our workshops are run as a presentation where interaction is minimal and others are more interactive where we encourage communication between members. At assessment, your therapist will help you decide which option may suit your needs best. The Bedfordshire Wellbeing Service uses ‘Cisco Webex’ to deliver online workshops and groups. To be able to access these you will require a desktop computer/laptop/tablet / mobile phone (via app only) which is connected to the internet and has sound enabled. You may prefer to use headphones for a better sound experience.

Before your online session begins you will be emailed an invitation - please click the green 'Join Meeting' button and follow the instructions on the screen. Please make sure you are in an environment that is appropriate for therapy. You may like to use headphones so that the conversation is more confidential, and ensure you are not in a public space where others could overhear your session.

You can find more details about our workshops.

Online Session Troubleshooting:

- I haven’t received an email with a link to the session.
Please check your junk folder for your email accounts, unfortunately, sometimes emails from NHS accounts can end up here.

- I try to log on but there is no room to connect.
You can only log into a room if your therapist is there first. Please exit, wait a few minutes and try again.

- Webex is trying to install an app but this isn’t working.
If there are problems involving the app, on the screen, there will be an ‘Open in browser’ option which you can select. Webex should open as normal.

- I cannot be heard/cannot hear the other person
Please check your microphone and speakers/headset are on and turned up.