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Your stories

Your stories

Bedfordshire Talking Therapies has helped many people improve their quality of life by supporting them through their journey to feeling better.

Here is a small sample of feedback from clients who have completed therapy. (Client and therapist names removed for confidentiality reasons).

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“Since using the online therapy service I am now able to cope with work and every day things that I wasn’t able to do before. I now understand how to cope if I am having a down day and writing my feelings down really helps. I would highly recommend this service to friends and family if they ever need help, and I would definitely use it again in the future if I need to.”


“I had a very positive experience with this service and highly valued the one to one CBT I received which was tailored to my individual needs and I felt this service has highly improved my health and wellbeing and provided me with the tools to carry on self-therapy. “


“This service has taught me to take control and face my fears and concerns. Without this help i would still be in a dark place. “


“Really good group and a nice way to explore and manage difficulties and share strategies and experiences”


“Really useful. Found phone therapy too stressful but online help where I can access at my own pace and when I need it much more useful.”


“For the duration (6 sessions)… a good service.  I think NHS services are under-resourced which is a shame.  The standard of services is so good.  Thanks. “


“My therapist was beyond attentive and dug deep to understand my issues and where they have maybe arised from. I’m truly grateful. Whilst I know this journey is ongoing I’m very happy with the help, time and support my therapist has given me. A true credit to the wellbeing team.”


“I was a bit apprehensive about the service when I was first introduced.  It has been a pleasant experience which has helped me to explore, understand and plan for my condition.  Thank you very much”


“I have really found coming to the group for the last 10 weeks has helped my anxiety and I have learnt different techniques with the therapist.  I liked that it was a small group and we got to help each other”


“Thanks for the help. I never thought I’d make so much progress in a few weeks. Therapist was exceptional! “


“It helped me focus on the issues that I could easily overlook by looking to others for help/blame instead of using myself. ”


“Being a very private person I was hesitant at first but then I found the online help beneficial and the therapist that reviewed my progress was extremely helpful and understanding, she gave me the confidence that I needed to address my problems and open up to those that are closest to me, I know I still have some issues but I’m working on these and I will use the experiences from the silvercloud online therapy to continue and I hope overcome these in time. I hope that the need won’t arise but I won’t hesitate to contact The Bedford Wellbeing Centre in the future if I feel that I need to. Thank you all.”