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Feedback from one of our People Participation Service Users

My Experience with People Participation

I joined PP (People Participation) in August 2022 after suffering from depression and receiving therapy.  I responded to the PP leaflet I was given, wanting to volunteer and give something back as I was supported so well during my therapy.  At first, I was a bit confused as to what it involved, but I was made to feel so welcome, and encouraged to join in with anything that interested me, that it soon became clearer.

I was listened to and often the Working Together groups’ ideas and suggestions were taken onboard.  This was evident on the Talking Therapies QI project, ‘Improving the Waiting List Experience’, where changes have been made to improve support for those waiting for therapy.

A year on I and my involvement has grown and my confidence. I now take part in: Working Together Groups in different areas of mental health, Interview panels, Conferences, Whole Team Meetings with managers, things I would never have dreamed of doing. My biggest achievement has been passing the Quality Improvement - ‘Improvement Leaders’ Programme’ - that they encouraged me to go on.  Not bad for a retired 66-year-old.

I enjoy my time with Talking Therapies having made new friends being involved with helping to improve the NHS.


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