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Thalamos Electronic Mental Health Act Solution

Thalamos Electronic Mental Health Act Solution

In June 2022, ELFT switched to the electronic Mental Health Act solution, Thalamos, to complete several types of statutory forms digitally. Thalamos is now the default method for completing T2 forms and Hospital forms (H1 and H5).

ELFT is now preparing to roll out digital CTO forms and Admission forms on Thalamos later this year. We will inform you as soon as the exact dates are confirmed. In the meantime, please only use Thalamos to complete T2, H1 and H5 forms.

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Thalamos Training

All Ward staff and Doctors must complete their training before using the Thalamos system. The training is short and simple, approximately 30 minutes. Please click on one of the training links below to book yourself into a training session at a time that is most convenient for you.


Additional Resources and Support:

To access ‘how to’ guides, videos and FAQs to assist you in using Thalamos, please go to: For more information about the Thalamos platform for completing and managing Mental Health Act forms digitally, please visit


What will happen to paper forms? 

Where possible, Thalamos should be used to complete MHA forms digitally in the first instance. For users not yet trained on Thalamos and as additional digital MHA forms are added to Thalamos, paper MHA forms will remain available and can be used if it is considered to be in the best interests of the patient. A link to printable MHA forms can be found below.

Transfer under Section 19

Renewal of Detention  

Record of Reception England

Responsible clinician barring discharge by nearest relative

Treatment Certificates under Part IV

 Community Treatment Orders


Benefits of switching to digital:

  • Faster processing of MHA forms means that service users in crisis receive care sooner.
  • The Thalamos user interface will lead to a significant reduction in errors from misread handwriting and prevents common mistakes when filling out MHA forms.
  • The need to hand-deliver and/or scan paper forms will be removed, saving time and money and freeing up our clinicians to provide direct care for service users.
  • Because all forms are sent securely via encrypted email and uploaded against the patient record in RiO there will be no more damaged or misplaced forms, helping to protect patient confidentiality and reduce the risk of unlawful detention.
  • Improved legal compliance will help to ensure a safer MHA experience for patients and the staff supporting them.

Digital Mental Health Act

Why digitise?


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Mental Health Act.


Community Treatment Order.