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Originally formed in 2000, ELFT has long been recognised as a centre of excellence for mental health care, innovation and improvement. Our ambition is to make a positive difference by providing people with mental and community health care services that support their recovery. And help them to achieve the most fulfilling lives possible. Everything we do is driven by our values of care, respect and inclusivity. Our patients’ needs matter most and we are constantly working to improve our support for all who use and have contact with our services. Our extensive research approach, commitment to education and emphasis on quality means we are at the forefront of excellence in mental health care. 

Outstanding Services

In September 2016, the Trust was rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission. The Trust was once again rated at 'Outstanding by the CQC in June 2018.

Our Patch

Wherever patients receive our services and from whichever team, our values of care, respect and inclusivity underpin all that we do. We were first established as a mental health trust to cover East London, but have been broadening our remit for some time. Our core area includes City of London, Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets and, Bedfordshire and Luton (since April 2015). We also deliver numerous services to many other people further afield. They include specialist services in north east London, Hertfordshire and Essex; psychological therapies in Richmond; and an award-winning specialist mother and baby psychiatric unit in Homerton that receives referrals from all across the south east.

Our Staff | Estate | Population

Our 6,300 staff, the heart of our operation, provide £467 million worth of services from over 100 community and inpatient sites.  Our East London population totals around 750,000 and we are proud to serve one of the most culturally diverse parts of the UK. In Bedfordshire and Luton, we are now responsible for a further 630,000 people’s mental health and community health (Bedfordshire only) care needs.

Our Services

You can see the full range of our services in the website directory, but in brief the services we provide cover the following areas. Wherever possible our aim is to provide people with alternatives to hospital admission so that they can receive their care close to home, while remaining as independent as possible.  We have:

  • Addiction services
  • Assertive outreach services 
  • Community services (Eg. Foot health, , wheelchair services, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and district nursing)
  • Community mental health teams
  • Crisis mental health teams
  • Forensic services
  • Home treatment teams
  • Inpatient mental health services 
  • Learning Disabilities teams
  • Primary health care services  
  • Psychological therapies
  • Rehabilitation teams
  • Specialist community health services in Newham (Diabetes care, continence, respiratory disease, and end of life care)
  • Telehealth


The Trust's Modern Day Slavery Statement is available here.

Board of Directors Register of Interests is available here.


To ensure the Trust is compliant with essential standards of quality and safety, we are regularly assessed. These assessments are carried out by the CQC and NHS Improvement. As a Foundation Trust, we are regulated by NHS Improvement. The Board of Directors is required to carry out a self-assessment each year in order to meet the conditions of the Trust’s provider licence and in line with NHS Improvement guidance.  

The Trust Self-Certification forms are available here: 

Self-Certification declaration FT4

Declaration G6 and CoS7

Declaration of Governor's Training

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